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Please read, review, & adhere to all rules and regulations for our Indoor Soccer Sessions. Feel free to print them out for your record.


2023 Indoor Soccer Rules & Regulations Coming Soon!


Indoor Soccer Field

 Are you a beginner at soccer? A team needing a   place to practice or host a game? A lover of the sport just wanting to kick the ball around for a while? Were the perfect place for you. Our large indoor arena is perfect for those hot summer   months, cold winter days, or just any day that’s a good day for soccer!


   **Open Field (Per Individual)                       $10

      1 Hr. Turf Rental                                        $110

      2 Hr. Turf Rental                                        $200

      1 Hr. Half Field.                                         $55

   *Hourly Rentals must be reserved in advance for teams. 

  **Times may vary for open field due to hourly field reservations. 

    Entire field not guaranteed  unless field is rented.

    Please give us a call or check out our schedule for open times.                                                      

*Check out our upcoming events section on our home page for soccer session information!

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